Mount Little Station – South Australia Flinders Ranges and Outback

Mount Little Station is just 15 minutes from Hawker via The Outback Highway. We are a working sheep and cattle station as well as offering tourist accommodation, camping, tours, 4WD tracks and a station life experience.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Or simply just enjoy the little things in life.

Our location is the perfect base for day trips to Hawker, Parachilna, Blinman and Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park via scenic drives all within an hour of the property.

Adventure over the many 4WD tracks in the region, indulge in local delicacies, unravel the life of the early settlers and history of The Flinders Ranges and Outback, take a guided tour or flight, or simply enjoy the peace and tranquility of being immersed in nature. Enjoy stunning sunsets and be dazzled by the stars whilst sitting around the campfire.

Mount Little Station offers your own private access to Mayo Gorge and the Elder Range to discover, explore and appreciate the ever-changing environment and landscape. A unique experience for bushwalkers, photographers, artists, cyclists, birdwatchers and adventurers.


Explore the majestic views of the Elder Range. Visit the hidden valleys, creeks and gems tucked away in the Ranges.


Discover the wonders of Mayo Gorge a permanent waterhole and be amazed with the abundance of bird life and wildlife.

Photo by Heidi Who Photos


Big experiences are awaiting for you in our own backyard. Walking, cycling and self drive tracks all with varying degrees of complexity.

“If you think ADVENTURE is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.”

paulo coelho

About Us

We welcome you into our backyard and we wish to make your stay with us a comfortable, unique and memorable experience.

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347 Mount Little Road via The Outback Highway Hawker, South Australia

10 things to do during your stay at Mount Little Station

Mayo Gorge – Travel down past the camp kitchen (keep to
your right) to you get to the gate into Mayo Gorge – this is
where the Arkaba and Wonoka Creek join forming the
Hookina Creek. Leave your car at the gate and walk in (15
minute walk) or you can drive about 2km and then you will
have to walk 200m over the rocks, taking you through to the
boundary fence (which was washed away on the 1st February
2020 when we received 30mm in less than 3 hours). On long
weekends and school holidays we are guests to not drive into Mayo Gorge. Here
you will find a permanent spring and waterhole with an
abundance of wildlife, birdlife and aquatic macro-invertebrates. You may
catch yourself a yabby or two whilst admiring the changing colours of the
cliff and various rock formations. Take in the peace and serenity of this
hidden gem. You can head through to the Heysen trail and turn right to
Mayo Hut or left to Red Range Camp.

Mayo Gorge

Harvey’s Rocks – Drive to the end of the
track, then there is a 200 metre walk following the
path heading south up to the end of the gully. View
rock walls, native pines, black oak and river gums. If
you climb the rocks to your right and head up the
side of the mountain you may see some rock
wallabies resting in hollows and caves. If you get to
the summit you will be able to view the landscape
between the Elder Range and Mount Little.
Depending on the season there can be rock pools
which provide water holes. In 2017, there were 30
Yellow Footed Rock Wallabies sighted. You will need to be very lucky to see one.
Your best bet is to set off on foot through the valley at the sign.

Harvey’s Rocks

Goat & Goon Saloon –The goat and goon
saloon was built by a relative of the previous
owner and his mates. A base camp for their
annual ‘lads trip’ hunting goats by foot
through the mountains and sleeping out
under the stars. A great place for lunch or
sunset nibbles and drinks.
If you follow this track past the G&G you will
come to our ‘old dog proof’ fence that was erected to protect the cropping country on the flats many years ago and you can set off on foot up the range.

Goat and Goon Saloon

The River of Rocks – Allow 45 minutes from the
turnoff to make your way over creek crossings to
the base of Mt Aleck which we call the ROR. Here
you will discover where the side of the mountain
has collapsed forming a river of giant boulders. For
the more adventurous you can set off by foot
following the creek around and make your way to Mount Aleck. For some relaxation park under the shade of a native pine at the end of the road to enjoy your own
private lunch spot. Pull up a chair and take in the beauty and tranquility of this unique space.

River of Rocks

Mt Little 4WD Track – Mt Little offers self-drive tracks throughout the property. Head to
the top of Mount Little for 360 degree views of the property and surrounding areas,
absolutely amazing on sunrise and sunset. Or try the Hookina Creek and other tracks
towards the Elder Range. On descend you will see the track to your right at the base of
Mt Little. This track will take you on the northern side of the Hookina Creek, meeting the
Old Ghan Railway Bridge and will take you to the township of Hookina. If you head out to
the right you will arrive at the Hookina Cemetry. We believe this was the original road
from the township to Mount Little Homestead.

At the top of Mount Little

Yellow Valley – The track takes you up the
mountain (4WD) and across the ridge or a 30
minute walk should do it. Once at the top
you will look into the next valley where the
water has washed through clay and rock
forming the yellow valley.

Hidden Valley – A track that takes you out
closer to the Elder Range. The view allows
you to get closer to appreciate the changes
in landscape and to see the creek systems
running through the property.

Old Hookina Township / Settler’s Ruins – Throughout
the property there are various settler’s ruins, we believe
there are 12 dotted throughout the property. A
heritage tour will hopefully be of interest in the future
after a lot of research of the area.
After the WW1 war, land was divided for soldier
settlements with approximately 2,500 acre blocks.
Cropping was tried but was unsustainable with a lack of
consistency in rainfall. You will see remains of
dwellings, wells, garden beds, stables, cellars and
farming machinery. You will appreciate the conditions
in which families tried to make a living. In Mount Little
Homestead there are various documents, letters that
have been preserved from past settlers and previous owners telling some stories of people that lived, worked and farmed the land.

Roy’s Ruins – Roy Stone lived here for many years,
passing away in 2019 in his 90s. His family have been
here on various occasions to remember their loved ones
and to appreciate their family history as original
settlers of the area. If you continue on past his house,
you will find the original settlement of his family.
There is an underground cellar, farm machinery and
ruins of the homestead.

Elder Range – An iconic range in the Flinders Ranges. The land
of this area is a country of thick, gnarled gum trees, growing
alongside stony creeks. There are ruins of farms left by
pioneers, beaten back by the harsh landscape.
Approaching the Flinders Ranges from the south via Hawker you
are overpowered with the magnitude of the Elder Range rising
before you at 887 metres above sea level. The Arkaba Hills,
with the massive ramparts of the Elder Range towering behind,
were a favourite subject for Sir Hans
Heysen & feature in some of his finest work.
Although not part of the Pound, the adjacent Elder Range (and
its highest point Mount Aleck – Altitude: 1021.17m ) was named
by Frederick Sinnett after the very successful Adelaide
businessman, Sir Thomas Elder.

Elder Range

Native Animals – As you drive around the property you will
admire the variety of native species. In the camping area you
will be surrounded by Euros – rock wallabies and echidnas. As
you head out to the flats you will see emus, red and grey
kangaroos. Overhead you will see wedgetail eagles soaring
and scavenging for food. In the creek beds you will see galahs,
cockatoos, wrens, parrots and many species of birds . Be on
the lookout for goannas, lizards and snakes on the ground and always beware
whilst walking around the property.

Prickly Gecko – Photo taken by Snow Dennis

14 thoughts on “Mount Little Station – South Australia Flinders Ranges and Outback

  1. Hi, my name is Rohan, just checking availality for the 8th 9th and 10th nights of July, powered site if possible.
    We have a camper trailer set up
    It will be for 2 adults and 1 child,


  2. June long weekend – fantastic camping – best ever camper info pack some fun tracks and clean hot showers and the best milky way star show you’re likely to see – thanks kelly and family awesome weekend

    Liked by 1 person

  3. As a group of 4 couples we have stayed at Mt Little Station several times and can’t rate this property high enough! The amenities are excellent with views to die for. There is always wood left at the outdoor fire pit and great picnic spots all over the property. Lovely comfortable beds and the updated bathrooms are excellent. With visiting donkeys, alpacas and camels there’s little else you could ask for. Kellie and Peter are excellent hosts and ensure your visit is worth everything you could ask for.
    Have already booked our return visit for next year.

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  4. I live in Orroroo, known as THE BARD FROM THE SCRUB, a bush and life poet. My name is Ben Eggleton, love to come up sometime to do some gear around your fires.
    My utube channel is accessable by putting in the bard from the scrub


  5. Wondering what type of non camping accomodation you have? And about one week availability for one person, cost, anytime in April or beginning of May. Thank you!


  6. We just stayed at mount little station for the June long weekend it’s was the best experience 👍
    It was our first time off the grid we had the best time thank you 🙏
    The welcome pack is full of information and Saturday night we came up to the tavern for pizzas 🍕 they were the best and the dessert pizza was yummy 😋
    We will be back and hopefully bring a crew with us thanks guys great place to start our off the grid experience.


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